Thursday, December 29, 2011

I love ROXY!

Okay, I'll be honest to myself and admit that I've totally failed as a blogger last time I tried it. Damn! But I'm gonna give it one more chance and start it all over and I promise I'll do my best and won't mess up this time :)
So I'm gonna start right now then, why not?

Today I've been at the Roxy / Quiksilver russian office for some Christmas team meeting. It was great to get all together with pizza and beer for discussing our plans for the season. Have also checked the new Roxy snow collection 2012/2013 and I'm really gotta say that it is just SO awesome! Totally loving it!! And also loving the Roxy office new look!!! Pleased! :) 

Besides have got a new sponsor today and a new phone from them: Thanx, Nokia! Sorry Iphone for betraying you tho.. ;)

Checking out the new devices right away in the office with Jane.

Peace out.


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